What are steroids?

Steroid drugs are derivatives of the male testosterone hormone obtained through chemical synthesis. It is responsible not only for the proportional growth of genital organs and secondary sexual features like bodily hair but also for actively building muscles. The latter is a decisive factor for the use of steroids by athletes and bodybuilders.

Is it true that steroids will help me build muscle, and can I do without them?

Aerobic exercise promotes the formation of red muscle fibers while also increasing the strength of white muscle fibers. The growth of white muscular fibers is responsible for almost all muscle hypertrophy in bodybuilders. Although it is impossible to bulk up muscles alone just through training, achieving a stunning pumped physique is simple. To look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator, you’ll need to take steroids, as this level of muscle gain is unusual for anyone. Only using supplements will enable you to exceed your body’s natural potential, not only in terms of weight gain but also in terms of endurance and other sports metrics.

Can you assist me with putting a steroid cycle together?

Yes, of course. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I need a prescription to order these products from you?

No, you do not need to provide us with a prescription if you want to make an order.

How can I receive my package risk-free?

When ordering from within the USA, customers are not at risk of legal repercussions by buying potent substances such as steroids.

Is purchasing these products legal?

In Europe, it’s not required to have a prescription to order these products, but other countries may differ. We advise that you check your local regulations and import restrictions.

Are the products original?

The authenticity of all our products can be verified directly on the producer’s website using the batch codes they print on every factory-sealed package, but you will also notice the quality of their effectiveness after the first injection or tablet is taken.

We deal with established and prominent brands like Alpha Pharma, BioScience GmbH, British Dispensary, British Dragon, GenSci, LA Pharma, Max Pro, and many others.

Is it safe to order through the site? I am afraid someone could steal my personal data!

Do not worry about it. Our site is located at our own secure server. We have own team of programmers and software security specialists. A chance of breaking our site is just negligible. Also after you placed your order and it was proceeded you can delete it from the site in your personal account, thus, your personal info will not be available from the outside.

My order is seized/lost/damaged! Will you reship it?

Yes, we reship your order once again. There should be sufficient reason/evidence for reship. If it is a loss or a seizure, we see it as per tracking number as a rule. However, if your order is lost, but tracking number says it is delivered, you should provide some evidence of not delivered order (loss claim from postal service, etc.).

If you ask for reship of your order, because it came damaged, you should have unpacking video of your package, otherwise complains are not accepted.  On the video should be clearly seen the from side of the package, your name, address.